COVID-19: Pastor Ashimolowo reveals how members should pay tithes, offerings


COVID-19: Pastor Ashimolowo reveals how members should pay tithes, offerings, Members and Nigerians react | Coronavirus: Pastor Ashimolowo tells Nigerians to pay offerings online, internet users react

– Nigerian pastor, Matthew Ashimolowo, has become a topic of discussion amongst social media users
– The pastor had reminded Nigerians not to forget to pay their offerings online during this coronavirus pandemic
– Nigerians on social media have now attacked the pastor seeing as the pandemic will cause a lot of financial strain for some people

Times are definitely tough in the world seeing as the coronavirus pandemic has been raging and is threatening to be a huge economic blow on a number of countries. In these tough times, some people have tried to alleviate the suffering of others by either donating money, reducing house rents, sharing relief items and more.

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However, some other people are not really regarding it as a setback and they continue to try to live their lives as it has always been. That seems to be the case for some religious leaders who are used to collecting offerings from their congregation but can no longer do that because public gatherings have been banned to curb the spread of coronavirus.

Well, rather than being disturbed by the situation, some religious leaders have found other genius means to collect money from their members and this involves online payment. Just recently, a video made the rounds on social media showing Nigerian pastor, Matthew Ashimolowo, telling his followers not to forget to pay their offering online after the UK shut down public gatherings over COVID-19.

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As expected, the video has caused a wide range of reactions from Nigerians. While some people feel that he was only responding to questions asked from his members, others felt it was distasteful for him to be asking for offering during these trying times.

Abiodun Samuel wrote: “What will Jesus do if he’s in this situation Bro Mathew Ashimolowo? Will he ask for offering or will he donate from the storehouse so as to help the downtrodden in the society?”

Olugbenga Blacks tweeted: “Can any imagine someone will at this period of time still collecting the offering from the poor stupid people when Europe is looking at how they will feed those at home in their country? What a life we live in Africa.” 

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