5 Reasons Why You Won’t Meet the Cut-Off Point for Jamb this Year

reasons why you won’t meet the cut-off point for jamb this year

Candidates don’t fail jamb, no, they just don’t meet the cut-off mark for their chosen course of study. Although, luck shines on some candidates, granting them admission into their prospective departments, others, merely wish on horses. The idea that you can go into examination hall and pick answers works for some, but, not for all. Proper preparation is the key to passing any examination, not just Jamb. 5 Reasons Why You Won’t Meet the Cut-Off Point for Jamb this Year. Happy reading.

There is no magic with giving the right answers to the questions jamb test candidates with, it is only magical when, the questions, topics and areas you covered and mastered are handed right out to you in the exams hall.

Mediocre is bad for anyone especially Nigerian students, laziness spelt failures and there is nothing that can be done about that. Expecting manna to fall from heaven only worked for the children of Israel, and so, waiting until the last minute to prepare for your exams is bad character.

You will find yourself struggling with the whole thing, going to exams with anxiety and tension, which doesn’t help in exams condition. After the exams, you’ll be offering prayers and offering to God to just make you meet the cut-off point and you’ll forever serve him, forgetting that faith without work is dead.


The reason why you won’t meet the cut-off point this year is due to;

  • Lack of preparation: it takes time to master anything, whether you are a secondary school leaver, or you already spent extra year at home, either, sorting out finances for your tertiary education or you just couldn’t meet the cut-off mark for the last time you apply for the jamb exams, preparing ahead of time gives you an edge over anyone who waits until the last minute to prepare. If you studied your four subject combinations over time, you’ll write your exams with smiles on your face.
    Practice they say, makes perfect, practicing for the purpose of mastery will make you answer any question on any topic without stress or doubts, because, you are already knowledgeable and conversant with the topics covered in your syllabus, there will be no limit to how high you will score in your jamb, oops, the only limit will be you having 400 over 400. Thus, lack of preparation leads to poor performance.
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  • Fear: a lot of achievement would have been made possible by a lot of people if, they weren’t afraid at the start. Yes, we will always have fears over certain things, but, how we manage fear will go a long way to pave way to our individual success. So, being afraid of not meeting the cut-off mark for your examination could be detrimental to your success in the exams. Believe in yourself, do the best you can do you do, and the sky will not just be your limit, because, you’re gonna cut across it.


  • Overconfidence: Although, not being afraid helps a lot in executing any project, including passing your exams, overconfidence, will result in devastating experience, it could make your keyboard to not work correctly. It could make your mouse misbehave, it could also make your system control panel fluctuate up and down, and probably shut down. It could as well make you forget that your timer works faster than you think it should and you are required to be fast and accurate. It also could make you submit your answers without crossing checking for possible errors even when you still had time to do so, it could even make you forget to have your final thumb-printing done after your exams.
    The reality is this, stay afloat, be in-between being confidence in your ability to deliver and make excellent result and not being afraid.
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  • Fast, but inaccurate: Just before your exams, your guidance, friends, and predecessors, have told you to make good use of your time and you probably made up your mind to make the most out of your time, while, you made these plans, you didn’t see the loopholes, which could affect your grades due to your giving incorrect answers to questions, or not seeing the perfectly correct answer to the one you chose because you were in a haste.
    Pay attention to details, it’s a skill that you must have at all times, never be in a hurry, take your time, control your urge and desire to beat time if, it will create rooms for mistakes which, will affect your cut-off points. Use your time well, for it is important that you add speed to your work, but, it really important that you avoid making tons of mistakes while you are at it.


  • Lateness: do you know arriving late to exams and meeting your counterparts already in the exams hall and busy with their computer could destabilize you, and make you loss control over your emotions? You will begin to think that you are running the same race and they are ahead of you, actually, they are ahead of you.
    Arriving late to exams is bad, you will still get to write your exams, but u won’t meet up the cut-off mark because, you will have to leave the exams hall when others are leaving whether, you are done or not, you will still have time left in your system but you won’t be able to finish because, other set of students needs to write their exams too. In short, your invigilator will let you fill in your log in details just so the system will register that you were present for the exams, you completing your exams is none of his/her business.
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Conclusion: Dear Nigerian students, meeting the cut-off point for your chosen field of study is possible, all you need to do is to plan well, get to your center early enough so you would know beforehand if there is any changes, or if you are going to need to write an open book exams, lol.  If you didn’t study enough, pray that the element of luck will shine on you by, giving you questions generated from the areas you were able to cover. Make new friends before and after exams, loosen up, don’t be too serious at the venue. Ask for help in the exams hall if you need any, don’t be shy or ashamed, probably, everyone in the hall is having the same issue. Eat well, it gives you energy and strength. Goodluck in your exams!

Are there other ways candidates can fail to meet up the cut-off points in their exams? Share with us in the comment box below. Thank you.

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