The essence of market research in business is huge. Before launching out your new product, it is pertinent for you to know the demand of the market. Conducting market research help you understand what consumer’s needs, how much they are willing to spend on such a product, their past experiences, it also helps you understand the standpoint of your competitor. Thus, market research is the method used to gather information on your proposed product’s target market. The ability to pinpoint and analyze data and facts, surrounding your product launching and conversion rates, will help you to design a better product, gain potential customers because the user experience will be improved as a result of this research.


Below are the essential roles of market research in  business;

  • To identify a new market:

Doing your homework on business helps you to spot a new market. By identifying a new market, you have consciously or unconsciously seen a gap in the market and you will be able to make better preparations to meet the unmet needs of consumers. You can now bring to the market, products that are designed to satisfy some problem giving rise to a good conversion rate.

  • To launch a new market:

Launching a new market after your market research has been done will bridge the gap between a successful business and an unsuccessful one. You will be able to connect with potential customers and improve user experience with your new product.

  • It propels innovation:
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Innovation is a key factor in a successful business, new idea, creative thoughts, and new imaginations make you stand out among your competitor. This is because well-informed decisions will be made, and these decisions won’t be as a result of guesswork but, will have solid backing due to the already made research data and facts. This is the edge that market research gives you.

  • It makes you understand the customer’s need better:

You cannot take baby food products to an aged man or woman, they do not need for it unless of course, they are taking care of their grandchild on their own due to some change of fate or something, thus, your target consumer must be known and established, that way their various needs can be met.

  • It reveals competitors’ strengths and weaknesses:

The essence of market research in business comes in handy because, through knowing your competitor’s weaknesses, you will be better informed on the gaps you need to fill to gain a potential customer. The strength of your competitors is a mirror that will help you fasten your seatbelt and think creatively when planning your take over strategy.

  • Enhance the ability to manage change:

The importance of market research again will help you to adapt to change, identify what is working and what is not, knowing fully well that what worked in the 1960s might certainly not work in the 21st-century business forum. Change is constant and we can’t bet on lasting order, whenever there is a need to reverse marketing strategy or better put, improve marketing strategy, the change won’t be strenuous for you since you already have an outline from your research that boldens your resolute to adjust to change.

  • Detect business opportunities which enhance growth:
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Another reason why market research is important is that it provides an opportunity for growth, and this could ensure future expansion.


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  • Identify your consumer:

You must first know who your consumers are, their Age, Gender, Location, Job title(s), Family size, Income, Major challenges, knowing this outline details about your consumer will serve as a guideline when deciding your research.

  • Knowledge of your consumer’s needs:

Once you’ve identified your consumer, the next step is to understand their needs, it will also help you to better understand what kind of product and services they will be willing to pay for.

  • Conduct interviews:

People like to talk about themselves; allowing anyone to talk about their view on a particular product will yield a valuable result. You do conduct interviews using the persona you made in step one, face to face discussion is worth the time, give it a try.

  • Prepare research questions:

The role of planning cannot be undermined, it helps you avoid pitfalls, so planning your interview questions will help you better understand your research tour when you are on it, other useful questions could pop up while the interview, don’t fail to take note of them as well. Planning your interview questions will also help you use your time wisely.

  • List your competitor:
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Making a note of your competitor during market research gives an overview of the efforts you need to put into your business launching that will draw consumers away from your competitor. Expect a happy ending after all your research findings is only possible if you check in with your competitors and take their customers away from them using the uniqueness of your product.

  • Analyze the data:

After much adios, you will get to the point where you have to summarize your data and findings, do this without getting wrap up in all the information that you got. In the end, market research will prove to be an effective tool to promote the overall growth of your business.


The purpose of market research itself is to reduce risk and enhance cost-effective marketing strategy. It’s an eye-opener; you can use the experience overtime in making decisions for future business ideas. It will also enhance your interaction skill and shape your personality trait. If at the end of the research, the business idea doesn’t pull through, the knowledge acquired can still serve other purposes.  A small-time allocated to do market research for your product will serve you better.


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