5 questions to expect at NNPC Interview and their Answers

Nigerian National Petroleum Corporation NNPC Recruitment 2019

A quick visit to the oil corporation website showed that there are several positions for both graduates and experienced professionals.
The website also issued a warning to applicants. The scam alert says: “NNPC and its subsidiaries will NEVER request payment of applications and / or jobs. All interested applicants must undergo the NNPC contracting process. ”

In light of this ongoing work contracting, Business Insider SSA by Pulse has compiled a list of previous questions.

Here are five likely questions to wait for in an NNPC interview, in no particular order:

What do you know about NNPC Nigeria?
It is always important to research a little about the company you are applying to before going to an interview. To know everything about NNPC, check the public relations category on the corporation’s website.

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5 questions to expect at NNPC Interview and their Answers
5 questions to expect at NNPC Interview and their Answers

Why do you want to work with the NNPC?
This is the perfect opportunity for you to tell the interviewer what you bring to the table and what the company will gain by hiring you.

Why this job?
Here, you respond by telling them how your skills and experience make it perfect for this job. By responding well, the interviewer can know that he understands perfectly what the job position is about.

Why are you leaving your old place of work?
This is a common question that could easily ruin your chances of getting the job. Make sure you answer it without being petty or spiteful. You could indicate reasons such as distance or marriage. You can also say that NNPC’s work is perfect for your professional goals.

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Which of our commercial locations in Nigeria would you prefer?
You may be asked to choose your preferred location. Make sure you do some research at this location and that they know why. Your reason should be about what this location lacks and what it has to offer.

Note: Regardless of the question, make sure your answers always reflect what the company can get when you hire it.
Take a look at how to apply for NNPC jobs here.

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