17 Beautiful underwater wedding pictures – Photos

Thousands of reactions as underwater wedding pictures flood the internet – See Photos

Recently, an international online blog released underwater wedding pictures which has flooded the internet and raised many questions begging for answers alongside funny but thought-provoking comments.

“Wedding under water its so romantic until sharks becomes a special guest 😁😁😁😂,

Why not wedding on Fire 😂🤣😃😃??,

Will they use waterproof Bible?,

Pastor: blupblupblupblupp?,

Groom: blup,blupblupblupblup.,

Bride: blup, blupblupblupblup.,

*Now they are husband and wife*,

Best way to keep crowds away from your wedding..😁 my mum can’t swim.. she would have to wait for me at the shore…, 

 End time is near. This are the things which the bible talks about.at the end time wonders will be happening.repent the kingdom of God is at hand.,

Them go born mami n papi water,

I reject & subdue every marine spirit in Jesus Name. Amen!,

Abeg… tell me this is happening in a movie not real,

Wahala dey ooo so land no reach them again,

I don see perfect place to celebrate my wedding,, I no want those nuisance to come and chop free food,

Mami water will attend finish.. I will not go and kill myself nonsense 😡😡😡😡,

They look like zombies,

Are they human beings, sorry to ask, cos i don’t really understand.,

If you like kill me I will not do wedding like this,

It’s a safe place if you have rivals who might want to oppose your wedding,

This is the best biko when you dont have money to spend any how let me see how people we attend much,

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Spectacular [email protected] book record.bam.,

Shark where are you,

maybe they are both marine engineers,

Hmmm saltyyy kiss!,

You must honeymoon underwater too folks.,

Only mermaids wed underwater not human crazy world,

Wait till the oxygen finish they will know Jesus Christ is one..,

The world is going crazy,

Only those who can swim 🏊‍ will attend the wedding 😂😂,

Which drink are they going to offer.lol,

This is the best wedding that Nugerians should be doing, so there enemies wont come to their wedding placae and plant juju,

selfish wedding …imgn if u cant swim,

Nothing had Nigeria village people to do,, ona go fear say rain Dy fall under water,

I love this wedding, no need to wear expensive dresses to attend it.u can even wear pant and bra to d wedding lolz.,

Like wrestling will say, don’t try this at home. So I say don’t try this in Nigeria.,,

Teaching those innoncent fish bad things,

Hmmm,its mammy water wedding. The tail is under the long gown.Nawa ooo,

This people are running insane and we are busy looking at them let’s help them by taking them for deliverance..,

Like wrestling will say, don’t try this at home. So I say don’t try this in Nigeria.,

Nothing had Nigeria village people to do,, ona go fear say rain Dy fall under water,

Is this cake water resistant
Just asking,

Coming soon wedding in the hell.👰👰👰👰👰👰👰👦👦👦👦👦👦🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥💥💥💥💥💥💥💥,

When they give birth to mermaid kids is when they will realize the level of their stupidity,”

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These and many more funny but interesting comments by utterly surprised people around the world has raised questions begging for answers. Why on earth will people want to wed under water? What is their motivation? What are they afraid of or what lessons do they want to share? is underwater wedding the new sensation?

Well, ours is to report, what’s your take? SEE THE PHOTOS BELOW:

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