Fuel Tanker falls in Uyo | Residents lift thousand liters of Fuel – Photos

Fuel Tanker falls in Uyo | Residents lift thousand liters of Fuel - Photos

The people and residents of Use Offot along Nwaniba road in Uyo, the AkwaIbom state capital were today thrown into mixed feelings of happiness, sadness and the fear of uncertainty. This was as a result of the collision between a tanker and the divider splitting the beautiful Nwaniba road into two. The tanker was carrying at least one thousand liters of premium motor spirit, commonly known as petrol and fuel.

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This is not an uncommon scenario in Nigeria as about a month ago, the Lagos – Ibadan express way was caught up by fire resulting from the tanker issue. What was rather disappointing was that after the Lagos – Ibadan incidence, the occupants of use Offot and its environs refused to learn the lesson associated with tanker accidents and deaths.

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As reported by a staff of School plus Career, almost everyone ran out of their houses to either take pictures of the scene or lift the petrol that flooded the entire road and even covered the gutters. What was more disappointing was that parents and guardians had the guts to release their children into the place to help in lifting (or scooping) the petrol.

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Luckily for everyone, there was no incidence of fire outbreak although people constantly made fun of it and would run away. Those lifting the petrol from the gutters, road and even the remnants in the tanker were either expecting an explosion or praying that nothing of such should happen.

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However, no sooner than the incident occurred than the men of the Nigerian fire service swiftly came to the rescue. They were immediately joined by the men of the Nigerian Police Force who stopped the fuel lifters, tried to chase people away and barricaded parts of the road, not allowing vehicles to move freely on the affected areas (SEE PHOTOS BELOW).

residents watching with mixed feelings of excitement and fear of an explosion
Fire service officials pouring chemical water on the tanker and on the road to reduce the chances of a possible explosion
The exhausted fire service officials trying to avert what would the a repetition of Lagos – Ibadan express way
The water tanker
Residents of Use Offot along Nwaniba road in Uyo could not help but watch, after all, it is not everyday you see such

The tanker was carrying more than one thousand liters of petrol when it capsided
The tanker was carrying more than one thousand liters of petrol when it capsided

The debris of the accident had long been cleared. It was observed that the men of the Nigerian fire service used a chemicalised water to splash on the road to reduce the risk of accidents occurring. Those who lifted the petrol were able to sell and make so much profit as one man sold almost two hundred litres to about 10 people with one of them buying a hundred litres. At the end, there was no death recorded and no injury was sustained. However, the whereabouts of the tanker driver was unknown.

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School plus Career would like to use this medium to advise everyone never to go close to a petrol carrying tanker whenever it is involved in an accident as they risk explosion which may result in death and serious casualties. We would also like to use this medium to the men of the Fire service and police force for their swift response. Finally, our greatest thanks go to the almighty God for averting a fire outbreak which would have resulted in deaths.

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