Uyo Plaza Boys meet their Waterloo | See their tricks that were Exposed

Uyo Plaza Boys meet their Waterloo | See their tricks that were Exposed

This post is an eye-witness report of an incident that occurred about 2pm today. The always peaceful city of uyo, the AkwaIbom state capital was today thrown into a mixed euphoria of happiness and sadness. The thieving ibom plaza boys who are generally known as “agbero” had their tricks and modus operandi in which they have been using to exploit innocent people exposed today. Some of them even met their end by the bullets of the men of the Nigerian police force. School plus Career gathered through an eye-witness that the situation had become worrisome.

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According to Gamaliel A Ekwere, a very handsome Facebook user who resides in uyo, this eye-witness report happened before his very eyes. School plus career reserves the right to quote the man’s post directly. The man went to his Facebook page and wrote the following (as quoted):

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“Ok though I didn’t get photos though
But this is what happened
Confirmed and 100% legit story

Yesterday around 11pm.
The street boys in plaza okokon etuk to be precise for those who don’t know…. (Usually keep their phone on they road and if you pick it thinking it’s misplaced by someone, they show up and rob you of all ur belongings)
So as usual
They kept their phone and it was pick buy a guy who appeared to be Hausa
They robbed the guy as usual
The guy left….. Walked to the traffic lights area and made some calls
Few minutes later uniform men arrived and opened fire
Unfortunately for one of them
He was caught by the bullets.

Today………..some pics below

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Uyo Plaza Boys meet their Waterloo | See their tricks that were Exposed

Uyo Plaza Boys meet their Waterloo | See their tricks that were Exposed

One found dead…. One close to being dead
The soak away of one building at plaza was filled up and the man hole was opened so as to empty it….
The guy that was supposed to work with those to empty the soak away fell into the soak away from the man hole
The second son of the owner of the compound ran and look for ladder and tried to rescue that other guy
Unfortunately the waste in the soak away held the ladder until he climbed it and went down
On going down through the man hole the ladder start sinking and both of them became helpless
Poor Fela
As of 5 mins ago
The worker was confirmed dead and the second son was struggling to be alive
Their family were busy praying when I left
They were recovered by the fire service, eagle patrol team and some people from the ministry of environment

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And insisted no photos

Thank God if you read this for ur life”

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Disclaimer: The above eye-witness report is quoted directly from the soure. As such, there has been no altercation or alteration even in the tenses, structure and sentence construction.

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