Six Common Trap Questions you’ll definitely be asked at a Job Interview

Six Common Trap Questions
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Six Common Trap Questions you’ll definitely be asked at a Job Interview

This post is is all about the six common trap questions managers and interviewers would like to test you with during interviews.
Experienced managers and interviewers are so skilled at asking few questions that will yield great depth of information about job applicants.
One of the ways they do this is by asking tricky or trap questions that will uncover areas that my reflect inconsistencies.
According to, Asides the top most asked interview questions you should practice before the interview, here are 6 common trap questions you’ll most likely be asked:

1. What would you do if your company was doing something illegal?
The whole purpose of this interview question is to evaluate your character and ethics.
Many people will simply turn a blind eye to a problem, or they will take a payoff to keep their mouths shut. A lot of people are so worried about losing their jobs that they’ll usually remain silent.
This is NOT what you want to say if you are asked this question in an interview!
How to answer:
The best answer you can give is along the lines of “I would report it to the proper authorities within the organization”. End your answer with “I wouldn’t want to work in an organization that fails to deal with problems like this”.
You really can’t fail with this answer, as the company you are applying to work for will very likely be an ethical company that also cares whether their employees are following the law or not.

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2. What would be the toughest question I could ask you?
You have to be smart about answering this question. The main reason you’d feel a question to be tough is because it hits you unexpectedly.
Here’s a sample answer.
I would say this question itself is probably one of the toughest you could ask me! Let me see… I suppose that, for me, a really tough question would be one which exposes a weakness, something along

the lines of, “What’s the worst mistake you’ve made at work?”
Here, you’ve played the interviewers to ask you what you’ve already prepared for.
It makes sense to have three or four possibilities lined up just in case the interviewer follows up by asking you to pick another one!

3. What is your greatest strength
Employers want to know if your strength aligns with the current needs of the organization.
It is important to show the employer that you have the qualities and traits the employer is seeking in the applicant that will be hired.
Focus on your top three or four skills or qualities. (It could be administrative skills, team building skills, leadership skills, ability to prioritize etc.).
Here’s a sample answer you can build on:
I pride myself on my customer service skill and my ability to resolve difficult situations. With years of practice as a customer’s service associate, I have learned to effectively listen, understand and resolve customer issues. Couple with that, my strong communication skills helps me work well with customers, team members and superiors.

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4. Rate yourself over ten
Give it to the recruiters straight by saying something like:
‘If I’m to rate myself over ten, I’m just ten over ten’.
Let’s assume you’ve got a degree in business administration and with that question, you’re trying to be fair and you replied with ‘I’m nine over 10’, you’ve created a doubt in the minds of recruiters.
Recruiters may put another question to you by saying “what is it you still don’t know about this job?”
Recruiter’s job is to give their clients (organizations who need employees) the best candidates, so it’s better to confidently tell them you’re ten over ten.

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5. What is more important to you, the money or the work?
Don’t fool around here. We all know that money is important. There’s not better answer than to say:
Money is always important, but the work is more important

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6. What would you do if you won N5 million tomorrow?
Interviewers want to know whether you’ll still continue to work for them. Your response to this question tells the employer about your motivation and work ethic.
The interviewer may also want to know what you would spend the money on or whether you would invest it. This illustrates how responsible you are with your money and how mature you are as a person.

What makes it tricky? Questions like this can ambush you, causing you to lose composure. The fact remains that you can easily lose composure if you don’t pause and gather your thoughts before you respond to a question like this.
If you would do something irresponsible with your own money, they’ll worry you’ll be careless with theirs.
There you have it.

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