Department Of Petroleum Resources Salary Structure For Already and Would-be Staff 2017 | See It Here

People are always looking for new opportunities on the job market. One of the most reliable options out there is to seek a position in a governmental organization. And can you find a better place to work at than in Nigeria’s most successful industry? If you’d like to learn the Department of Petroleum Resources, DPR salary structure 2017 , continue reading below!

It doesn’t matter if you’ve only just graduated from the university and looking for your first job, or if you have years of experience and are looking forward to moving up the career ladder. Either way, you have the right to find a job that offers the best salary. And with the DPR Nigeria being the organization it is, it’s a great place to start.

Before you run away submitting a CV there, allow us to remind you what the DPR in Nigeria is and how it functions. Being a part of the FMPR, the Petroleum Resources Department’s primary mission is to oversee the export and import processes of all kinds of petroleum products. They are also in charge of guarantying security and regulating all aspects of the petroleum trade operations in the country. The reigning head of the DPR is Mordecai Ladan.

Now, we can get to the actual numbers on the DPR salary scale. First, let’s talk about how much you can earn at an entry-level position. According to the latest available figures, you can receive about 135,000 Naira as your basic monthly wages, which sums up to a total of more than one and a half million Naira per annum. Other sources state that you can earn up to 190,000 Naira each month if you’re lucky enough.

Interesting fact: Things get even better because DPR also pays allowances, with the amount depending on where you live and other factors. According to 2017 data, the salary plus benefits can get a

beginner a grand total of two and half million Naira per year.

Next, let’s find out how much the DPR pays someone in the position of an Industrial Trainee. If you’ve done some basic research on the Department of Petroleum Resources, then you know how this program works and what advantages you can get.

According to, you can earn a total of N450, 000 per annum as an Industrial Trainee.

As you can see, the DPR salary structure is nothing short of impressive. If you ever get a job offer from them, don’t hesitate for a second. It’ll not only provide you with a healthy amount of money but will also grant you a great deal of experience.

Of course, if you get an offer from one of the Oil giants then go with that. After all, even though the DPR offers an impressive salary, it’s nothing compared to Shell’s 600,000 or Mobil Oil Nigeria’s half a million Naira per month. Such high wages are due to the fact that these companies operate on a global level, and thus play globally competitive salaries to their employees. However, working for the DPR is a fantastic first step in the right direction

Now you know the Department of Petroleum Resources salary on the basic levels and have a better understanding of whether such a position is something you want. Feel free to share this article with your friends, and good luck in your job search!

Eduandgist wishes all those that applied for the just concluded DPR recruitment good luck as the department begin their accessing of applicants.



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